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Welding Controllers

Below is a list of the available equipment for this specific category. Click on the thumbnail to increase the size of the picture for a better view.


Controlex Mod. 588-D4

(Stock: 0CD5881)

Two box size. Completely digital controller. Any type of welding resistance equipment.

Controlex Mod. 588-D4

(Stock: 0CD5882)

Digital controller with accessories: firing board, SCR and power management board. For current controller update.

Controlex Mod. 588-A

(Stock: 0CA5881)

Analogue controller, microprocessor operated. Capacity to control any size of machine.

Controlex Mod. 388-3

(Stock: 0CA3881)

Most popular for small machine, can operate mec. contactor, SCR and solenoid valve.

Controlex Mod. 388-3S

(Stock: 0CA3882)

Direct replacement for Scofima controller and A&H machine.

Controlex Mod. 388-3

(Stock: 0CA3883)

Can set the following parameters: Squeeze, weld time, adn phase shift.

Controlex Analogue Controller

(Stock: 0CA3884)

Comes in two buttom sizes: Regular (9" x 14" x 19") and Large (9" x 16" x 27")

Intertron Controller

(Stock: 0ID1081)

Mod. 108 for any type machine, and also multiple gun type welding machine.