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Seam Welders

Below is a list of the available equipment for this specific category. Click on the thumbnail to increase the size of the picture for a better view.


Taylor Winfield 250 KVA

(Stock #2SP0929)

Monophased, transversal.

Martin 200 KVA

(Stock #2SP0933)

Monophased, transversal.

Progressive 200 KVA

(Stock #2SP0935)

Monophased, longitudinal.

Sciaky 300 KVA

(Stock #2SP0936)

Tri-phased DC, longitudinal.

Progressive 200 KVA

(Stock #2SP0939)

Monophased, longitudinal.

Sciaky 200 KVA

(Stock #2SR0942)

Tri-Phased, longitudinal & transversal, rocker. Motorized drive for both top and bottum.

Precision 150 KVA

(Stock #2SP0946)

Monophased, transversal.

Taylor Winfield

(Stock #2SP0947)

Monophased, angled head, transversal.

Sciaky 75 KVA

(Stock #2SP0950)

Tri-phased, tranversal & longitudinal.

Progressive 100 KVA

(Stock #2SP0955)

Seam welder, type rocker.

Precision 150 KVA

(Stock #2SP0958)

Longitudinal, press type, with 48" of throat.

Mercury Up to 100 KVA

(Stock #2SS0966)

"Scisor" hang type seam welder. Wheel dimention: 5'' diameter.

Mercury 20 KVA

(Stock #2SR0969)

Single phased transversal seam, with new Controlex mod. 588-D4.

Sciaky 200 KVA

(Stock #2SP0970)

Seam, tr-phased, longitudinal or transversal.