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Other Types of Welders (Butt, Flash, Gun, etc.)

Below is a list of the available equipment for this specific category. Click on the thumbnail to increase the size of the picture for a better view.



(Stock: 3GC0358)

Hang gun, "C" type, with gyro.

Portable Hang Type 100 KVA

(Stock: 3GC0335)

"C" type gun.

Milco Gun

(Stock: 3GS0350)

Hang type, Scisor type.


(Stock: 3GC0357)

Hang gun, "C" type.


(Stock: 3GS0362)

Hang gun, Scisor type.

P.S.R. 100 KVA

(Stock: 3GD0369)

120" x 36" copper table with push gun.

P.S.R. 150 KVA

(Stock: 3GD0377)

Scisor type, 36" throat.

Progressive 100 KVA

(Stock: 3GD0379)

Scisor type, 36" throat, Controlex 588-D4 and air balancer.

Milco 35 KVA

(Stock: 3GD0382)

Dual welding electrode, adjustable spacing: 2" to 6". For reinforcement welding on metal part.

Hang Type Seam

(Stock: 3GM0400)

Hang type seam welder, up to 75 KVA

"C" Gun

(Stock: 3GM0403)

96' throat

"C" Gun

(Stock: 3GM0404)

72' Throat

Hang Type 100 KVA

(Stock: 3GS0420)

"C" type hang gun. New Controlex contoller mod. 588-D4.

Siscor Gun

(Stock: 3GS0455)

Hang type siscor gun with 24" throat.

Aro Trans-Gun 20 KVA

(Stock: 3GS0428)

"C" type hang trans-gun good for 20 KVA.

Push Gun

(Stock: 3GS0432)

Push gun.

Hang Type 100 KVA

(Stock: 3GS0434)

Hang type, "Scisor" gun, with gyro.

Multi Head

(Stock: 3GM0413)

Multi head, 4 guns, 2 transformers, cascade.

Multi Head

(Stock: 3GM0416)

Multi head, 4 guns, 2x 90 KVA trfo.

Multi Head 4 x 150 KVA

(Stock: 3GM0451)

Multi spot, 4 x 150 KVA with new Intertron controller.

Doall 7.5 KVA

(Stock: 4BS0044)

Blade Butt Welder 220V.

Taylor Winfield 250 KVA

(Stock: 4BB0049)

Butt welder.


(Stock: 4BS0053)

Butt welder, With new Controlex controller mod. 388-3.

Lors 35 KVA

(Stock: 4BS0054)

Butt welder with new Controlex controller mod 388-3.

Ideal 35 KVA

(Stock: 4FB0015)

Flash butt.

Ideal 75 KVA

(Stock: 4FB0018)

Flash butt.

A&H 15 KVA

(Stock: 1PP0005)

Protable spot.


(Stock: 4BS0056)

Butt Welder, electric foot switch