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About Us

P.S.R. is a Company in the spot welding field that produces all kind of resistance welding products such as, spot welders, seam welders, butt welders, flash welders and other special customized automated welders. Situated near Montréal, it provides service calls through the whole Province and even in some of Ontario and New Brunswick cities.

Company Profile

In business for over twenty years in the resistance welding field, we offer everything needed in resistance welding and we do only resistance welding. We can help you in spot welding, butt welding or seam welding. We are a small dynamic enterprise employing only serious competent technicians and we are ready to give your company the necessary knowledge in resistance welding.


Contact Information

(450) 452-4330
(450) 452-4406
Postal address
1085 rue Proul
Les Cèdres, QC
J7T 1E6


Electronic mail
General Information: Info@psr-spotweld.ca
Sales and Customer Support: