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In this section of our site, many of our products can be found. Look for the category of your choice and see what we have listed. If what you are looking for does not appear in the catalogue, contact our salespeople and we will be able to find what your are looking for.

Smaller Spot Welders ( Less than 100 KVA)

We have many small machines in stock. Browse trough our selected equipment to get an idea of what you can get.

Larger Spot Welders ( Greater or Equal to 100 KVA)

Bigger equipment are also available. Some are in stock so come and see what we have available.

Seam Welders

We have a good stock of seam welders of all sizes.

Other Types of Welders ( Butt, Flash, Gun, etc.)

Because of a lesser demand in other types of welders, stocks are not as big as the other welders, but we

                                 can find your machine on demand.

                                           Welding Controllers

                                 For brand new welding controllers, choose form our Manufactured controllers,

                                 Controlex, or imported, from the United States, Intertron products. We also have some

                                 used controllers available.


                                 Items that cannot be grouped all together or with the other categories.

                                           Electrodes, Seam Welder Wheels and Copper Material

                                 We are main distributor, for the Montréal region, of Worco, Centerline, Tuffaloy & Tipaloy products.


                                 Tooling, such as welding jig, tip dressers and electrode holders, are listed in this last section.